Elin Shanahan a Midwife based in London, UK & Madrid, Spain.

I’m a mum of two, a UK practising Midwife (BMid Hons, MSc), a certified Hypnobirthing teacher and a Newborn Life Support [NLS] Resuscitation Council UK [RCUK] instructor

I am here to nurture and support you on your unique journey to becoming parents and beyond. There are no scripts involved, just simply an open mind with care that is centred around you, your birth and parenting.

Hypnobirthing| Birth Education| Postnatal Care

Here is how I can care and support you on your unique birth and parenting journey.

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Birth Education

Enjoy a bespoke, detailed and honest birth education classes.


Hypnobirthing & Birth Education

A bespoke 1:1 hypnobirthing and a detailed birth education course in one

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Refresher Sessions

Preparing for birth the second, third or fourth time!

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Postnatal support

Parenthood – often the most eagerly anticipated journey, yet most misunderstood.


Some of our recent happy parents below, we hope to see you here soon.

Elin and her company are absolutely amazing! She has worked with women from all over the world from all socioeconomic backgrounds, led midwife teams and trained doctors, and yet still remains so humble with her 1:1 prenatal education and post-partum care. I interviewed multiple experts and companies when trying to find the best person to support me in preparation for the birth of my first child, and Elin was by far the best hire! I would give her 7 stars if I could! She is so down to earth and made me feel so comfortable at each stage — before birth, while in the hospital, and after coming home. At the end of working together for several weeks, I feel that she is truly part of our family now and couldn’t have imagined going through the transition into motherhood without her! Highly, highly recommend!
Jackie J.
Jackie J.
20:47 04 Apr 24
It has been my third labour and so far the best birth preparation thanks to the knowledge, the care and the kindness of Elin. Her awareness , proximity and delicacy made the difference and I felt confident and empower to welcome my baby. She has been on top during the whole process closely monitoring my evolution. Thank you Elin 🙂
Sonia Olsen E.
Sonia Olsen E.
15:34 09 Jan 24
“I can, I will.” The affirmation card that guided me through my labour and birth. From the first meeting, Elin addressed all issues that arose in my first birth and ensured that the subsequent sessions were personally tailored to ensuring that I felt informed and empowered about my choices.Towards the end of my pregnancy, I drew upon a birth plan that both Elin and I had discussed and felt that I was supported during each stage of labour.From the moment I was induced, I felt in complete control, and empowered to make informed choices about my journey. As labour progressed, I drew upon Elin’s session on anchors and relied on the breathing ball and music playlist to guide me through each contraction. After the rapid birth, I reaffirmed to myself, “I could, I did.”Following the birth of my daughter, Elin ensured that the postnatal support was in place and gave me several strategies which enabled me to breastfeed and bottle feed in combination.Elin’s extensive knowledge and carefully planned sessions, enabled me to feel totally relaxed about the birth and her continued postnatal support helped greatly with the beginning of life as a Mother of two.
Sian E.
Sian E.
08:20 05 Nov 23

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