Elin Shanahan a Midwife based in London, UK & Madrid, Spain.

I’m a mum of two, a UK practising Midwife (BMid Hons, MSc), a certified Hypnobirthing teacher and a Newborn Life Support [NLS] Resuscitation Council UK [RCUK] instructor

I am here to nurture and support you on your unique journey to becoming parents and beyond. There are no scripts involved, just simply an open mind with care that is centred around you, your birth and parenting.

Hypnobirthing|Birth Education|Postnatal Care

Here is how I can care and support you on your unique birth and parenting journey.

Birth Education

Enjoy a bespoke, detailed and honest birth education classes.

Hypnobirthing & Birth Education

A bespoke 1:1 hypnobirthing and a detailed birth education course in one

A sports mother is engaged with the child in fitness and yoga at home. The concept of sports, motherhood and an active lifestyle. Young woman in sports training with her child.

Refresher Sessions

Preparing for birth the second, third or fourth time!

Postnatal support

Parenthood – often the most eagerly anticipated journey, yet most misunderstood.


Some of our recent happy parents below, we hope to see you here soon.

Having completed several antenatal courses with Elin, it was without doubt the most valuable decision I made in preparation for the birth of my children.Having completed the course on both pregnancies, it provided me with confidence and the understanding behind what was to be expected during the pregnancy and birth and importantly when I needed to seek help and support from my midwife and the hospital.Although I received good care during and after my pregnancy with the midwives in the community and hospital setting, undertaking the courses with Elin provided me with the necessary information to help me feel empowered and make informed decisions during a time when I felt most vulnerable.Elin’s support also extended to the postnatal phase where she was pivotal in supporting me to breastfeed and undertake all aspects of care.Without Elin’s support, I am certain that my journey through pregnancy, birth and when at home would not have been as manageable.The courses offered were delivered so effectively and were tailored to my individual needs.
sara D.
sara D.
14:51 13 Feb 23
The antenatal sessions with Elin were an amazing support before, during and after giving birth. Elin’s knowledgable insight and guidance were absolutely invaluable to me as a first time mother. Having an experienced professional share her expertise of the birth process was extremely helpful, comforting and reassuring. Her advice helped me immensely and made me feel as if I had a voice of reason alongside me guiding me through labour. I would highly recommend Elin to anybody with fear, uncertainty or a lack of medical knowledge ahead of giving birth and am incredibly grateful for all her support.
Heledd J.
Heledd J.
15:11 10 Feb 23

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