What are anchors?

What are anchors?


If I asked you to think of your favourite song – do you feel your mind drifting off? Does it take you back to when you first met your partner or to a particular time in your life? A special holiday? Your wedding? Does it make you feel happy, comforted and carefree?

For me, I have a few songs that makes my mind drift off to a good place where I immediately feel happy, safe and carefree…

A song that tops it for me is: Pretty Green Eyes by Ultrabeat!

I just feel so good when I listen to this song, my body relaxes and softens and my mind takes me back to the long summer days of 2006. That particular summer was exciting. I had finished my A-levels and about to embark life as a student Midwife. My girlfriends and I had no agenda, we lived life to the full. Ah!!

During your birth preparation you should create a special birth playlist. Once you’ve made your choice, listen to it over and over. Perhaps do this when you are taking a moment to relax and bond with your baby at night when you have no other distractions. Over the weeks and months of listening, your mind and body will drift off without any effort bringing those wonderful feeling you associate with the chosen songs.

Traditionally, hypnobirthing practitioners recommend relaxing and calming tunes (classical or else)  but, there are no rules, it’s such a personal opinion and I believe that your choice should be whatever has that dreamy and happy trigger and will help carry you through your labour and birth.

If I had another baby Pretty Green Eyes would definitely be on the list!

What would you have on your playlist?