A little bit more about hypnobirthing

A little bit more about hypnobirthing

It isn’t what you may be thinking. It’s not some crazy way of birthing with strict rules and criteria!

Hypnobirthing allows birth to happen in close alignment to your natural maternal and mammalian instincts.

It really is about educating ourselves by changing the way we think and talk about birth.  Hypnobirthing is all about the mindset – and quite simply – the mind leads and the body follows.

Sadly, birth is something that most women and birthing people fear. Fear has a huge impact on the body and how birth unfolds. My honest and balanced hypnobirthing classes will delve into your unconscious mind, clearing the negativity and fear, giving you a true sense of calm and a firm belief in the power of your body.

It truly is the difference between feeling in control of the decisions rather than feeling lost and vulnerable, and the difference between looking forward to your birth rather than wanting to get it over and done with.