What are uterine contractions?

What are uterine contractions?

Contraction / Contractions / Contracting…..

Did you know that uterine contractions are a complex interplay of hormonal, mechanical and electrical factors around the uterus / womb. Each component come together to work in harmony to help move your baby downwards out of the uterus (womb) whilst applying direct pressure on the cervix to encourage it to open (dilate) enough for your baby to pass through.

Contractions also work in harmony with your body’s production of endorphins (natural hormonal painkiller) – this is one of the reasons why contractions very often start s-l-o-w-l-y to give the body time to produce the optimal amount of endorphins in line with the activity and pattern of your contractions.

Incredible work, right?

Of course, contractions are powerful and painful, but, there is nothing to fear or worry, rather, it should be celebrated and embraced with positivity. I don’t shy away from the word, in fact, I love it and I am proud to use it in my classes. It’s exciting!