Elin Shanahan a Midwife based in London, UK & Madrid, Spain.

I’m a mum of two, a UK practising Midwife (BMid Hons, MSc), a certified Hypnobirthing teacher and a Newborn Life Support [NLS] Resuscitation Council UK [RCUK] instructor.

While I acknowledge the amazing benefits of science and modern medicine, and the privilege women and birthing people now have in accessing care, I am here to fill in those essential “gaps” that I know exist in the birth world.

I have supported women and birthing people and their families from all walks of life at home and hospital. I have held their hands during their own unique births being a miscarriage, a medical termination, a pre-term birth, a stillbirth, an instrumental birth, a caesarean birth and a birth without intervention.

Every birth is special. Every birth is unique. Birth forever shapes you and your experience of birth is something that you will carry for the rest of your life.

No two births ever unfold in the exact same way. Your pregnancy and birth may look very different to your sister or friend this may be a result of your previous birthing experience [traumatic or challenging] or that you may have pre-disposing physical, mental or social factors which may heighten the risk for you and/or baby(ies) during your pregnancy and birth or may have developed pregnancy related medical complexities.

I can help you find resolution and empower you with self-belief to focus on your choices for subsequent births, to have confidence and trust in your body and to ‘work’ alongside the obstetric and midwifery teams to ensure that you have a better birthing experience that you deserve.

I am also available to continue with you on your journey during the early days at home with your newborn baby(ies). Whether it’s a quick coffee and a chat or a 2 hour visit supporting and caring for you and your baby(ies) physical, emotional or feeding needs.

I look forward to being a part of your birth project!