Elin Shanahan a Midwife based in London, UK & Madrid, Spain.

I’m a mum of two, a UK practising Midwife (Msc, BMid Hons), a certified Hypnobirthing teacher and an NLS RCUK instructor

While I acknowledge the amazing benefits of science and modern medicine, and the privilege women and birthing people now have in accessing care, I am here to fill in those essential gaps that I know exist in the service.

I am here to nurture and support you on your unique journey to becoming parents and beyond. There are no scripts involved just, simply, an open mind with care that is centred around you, your birth and parenting.

Every birth is equally important and deserving of a positive  birth experience.

My goal is to empower you to believe that you can have the best birthing experience possible, whatever your individual choices on how and where you give birth. Whether you may have had a previous difficult or challenging birthing experience, and taking into account any pre-disposing physical, mental or social factors which may heighten the risk for you and/or baby(ies) during the pregnancy or labour.

I want to make a difference. Birth can be an amazing, exhilarating and a positive experience, however way your baby is birthed. My compassion, support, high-quality care and education will empower you throughout the antenatal period to ensure that you are in an optimum ‘mind-body’ space to have  a calm and positive birth experience.

After the birth, I can be available to continue with you on your journey during the early days at home with your newborn baby – offering support and care for you and your baby(ies) physical and emotional needs.