Planning a baby-moon?

Planning a baby-moon?

-Baby on board-

Air travel is something very familiar to me by now to say the least (but sadly, I don’t gain much at all from the air miles!). Whilst I often feel emotionally torn when I do leave my family, a part of travelling that I do enjoy is people watching – trying to guess where they might be heading off to, for work? Leisure? and so on…..

However, I must say that I didn’t enjoy flying during my pregnancy because I suffered with travel sickness, particularly during decent – my head was buried, eyes closed and I had to focus on my breathing for that last 10 minutes ….

First and foremost, flying during pregnancy is considered safe. The most important thing is that you are in good health with an uncomplicated pregnancy.

*Different airline have specific requirements – however most airlines have a no-fly policy after 37 week gestation, and 32 weeks for multiple pregnancies. This ‘rule’ is based on the general assumption that the likelihood of going into spontaneous labour after these gestations is higher.

*Pregnancy in general increases the risk of DVT. Prolonged time sitting and immobility are the two main factors that increases the chances of developing a DVT, therefore, particularly on long-distance flights it is important to keep hydrated, move about regularly and buying a pair of support stockings from the pharmacy is always a good idea!

*Travel insurance is extremely important – make sure that you have a valid travel insurance that covers you for any pregnancy related eventuality.

*Always take your maternity notes (paper / electronically) with you so that midwives and obstetricians have immediate access to your pregnancy records – this will save you a lot of stress!

Let me know your experiences of flying during pregnancy, or are thinking of booking a little ‘babymoon’  get-away soon….