Antenatal Birth Education

Enjoy a bespoke 1:1 detailed and honest birth education classes.

Preparing for birth may bring about confusing feelings and emotions. Typically, it’s ‘the fear of the unknown‘ and the ‘what ifs’. My birth classes will be completely tailored to you and your individual birth choices and wishes, balanced with knowledge and preparation for all possible birth scenarios.

Here is what I can offer:

  • Fun and engaging sessions
  • Birth partners invited to attend the entire course
  • The knowledge and expertise of an experienced practitioner and hypnobirthing teacher
  • Guidance with planning the best birth(s) possible
  • Practice of optimal positioning
  • Supportive course materials, information and resources for all births
  • Ongoing support via email, phone or video call throughout your pregnancy, whether you need a little recap on something or just a friendly ear – I am here for you