Hypnobirthing & Birth Education


A bespoke 1:1 hypnobirthing and a detailed birth education course in one

This dual approach brings the ultimate harmony in your preparation for birth.  You will feel a sense of completeness and control for all types of births and a lasting belief that birth doesn’t have to be filled with fear.

The course will be delivered from 24 weeks’ gestation to give enough time for you to enjoy, digest and prepare your body and mind.

Here is what I offer:

  • Replace fear with excitement
  • Show you that you do have control and a voice
  • Help you to enjoy your pregnancy, understanding the impact of fear in the birthing process and how to overcome it
  • Become armed with powerful tools and techniques for staying calm and comfortable during labour and birth – hypnosis, relaxation and massage
  • Create the ideal birthing environment to complement your birth choice
  • Equip your birth partner to be the support you need them to be
  • Have a memorable birth for all the right reasons

This is in addition to everything offered in my birth education sessions.