Postnatal Support

Portrait of an uncle with his one day old baby nephew

Parenthood – often the most eagerly anticipated journey, yet the most misunderstood.


Parenthood is the most rewarding experience ever yet it’s an experience  for which you have no training or competency test to know if you are ready.

It may explain the reason why family and friends we feel the need to get involved, sharing excessive amounts of ‘tried and tested tricks‘ which are often not based on any evidence or latest guidance.

Without a doubt, love and support from close family and friends is essential after having a baby, but the conflicting advice and personal opinions can sometimes  make mothers and parents feel confused and overwhelmed, especially during the early days at home.

I will be on hand to provide emotional and physical support to you and your baby(ies) after birth. My care and advice will be in line with current national guidance and practice  to give you confidence and help avoiding any feelings of self-doubt.

But more importantly, I am here to listen, giving that safe and trusted space to be able to talk. To talk about your birth or anything that may be troubling you and affecting your enjoyment and bonding with your baby(ies).


Responsive feeding – breast or formula, or  a bit of both.

Feeding your baby(ies) is a huge part of parenthood and is possibly a decision that you are likely to have made during the antenatal period.

However, feeding your baby(ies) can often feel like a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions – for some, it can be the most pleasurable and enjoyable experience. For others, it may be a more challenging experience that can bring about feelings of guilt, failure and loneliness, with little available support when it’s most needed.

During the early days at home, the feeding cycle may feel like an intense and endless task. I am on hand to accompany you through this period, without judgement, but rather to instil confidence in your feeding choices.