Fear – Tension – Pain

Fear – Tension – Pain

Break the cycle!

If you google ‘break the cycle’ a lot of content appears around dieting, relationships and so on…..I’ve most certainly applied my own version of the diet-cycle in my younger days – of course, it never lasted longer than a month or so, and I now know why –  I just didn’t have the knowledge or understanding that was needed to really ‘get it and make it stick’.

Now I do, but only within the subject matter of the  ‘Fear-Tension-Pain birth cycle’(!!)

It is a vicious cycle and a little bit like the chicken or egg conundrum, which one triggers which?

Because of this, it is important to break down the cycle, one segment at a time.

Understanding and addressing each one individually, facing the unconscious fears and fantasies rather than avoiding them (which I must add that society, films, TV shows and family members have so much to answer for).

There are many ways that you can break the cycle, here are a few:

  • Understand the physiology of labour and birth and your body’s great ability to give birth.
  • Identify and work through any obvious fears that you may have, which could stem from past birthing experience.
  • Find the right practitioner / birth expert to walk with you hand in hand throughout the antenatal period.