Movements Matter – it really does!!

Movements Matter – it really does!!

A reduction in your baby’s movements or a change in the pattern can often be the first indication that your baby may be unwell and should never be ignored.  Just like us, whenever we feel unwell we just want to curl up, sleep and be left alone.

Given that it is Baby Loss Awareness Month (October 2023) I felt it was appropriate to highlight the importance of engaging with your baby’s wellbeing on a daily basis. Indeed, understanding your baby’s unique daily movements and activity pattern is key. You are the expert. It is only you that know whether your baby is well or in danger.

Whilst there is no specific number of daily movements that is considered normal, you should notice movements from 16-20 week gestation and continue to get stronger every day right until your baby’s birth.

If you do have any doubts or concerns, please never:


  • “Wait until the morning” assuming that your tiredness, hunger etc may be the reason for not feeling your baby’s movements.


  • Use any home kits to listen to your baby’s heartbeat.


  • Assume that the location of your placenta (at the front of your uterus), or your weight may be the reason.


  • Think that you baby has no more room to move!


  • Think that you are wasting your time by calling the midwife / attending your Maternity unit.


  • Midwives are never too busy to attend to your concerns.


  • Compare your baby’s movements and activity pattern with other people (or even with your previous pregnancies)